decompressing at Independence Pass

Once again, my lil’ family headed to the outdoors to “decompress.”  We started our 6 day adventure after celebrating the 4th with neighbor friends.  The first stop was at White Star campground near Twin Lakes, the site where my lil’ guy became a budding environmentalist.  These naturally formed glacial lakes are surrounded by mountains, including Mt. Elbert, at over 14,000 feet elevation.


Since this first destination was also near Independence Pass, one of the highest paved passes in Colorado, we decided to take our first hike here.  Wildflowers were blooming and snow still made it’s presence on some slopes and peaks.

Independence Pass IMG_0837 Independence Pass Independence PassIndependence PassStay tuned for where my lil’ family headed next…

16 thoughts on “decompressing at Independence Pass

    • Thanks so much. I wish I was schooled in the names of wildflowers because I do enjoy them. I will make a concerted effort to grab a book or search the web for names and descriptions.

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