Daily Prompt // success

Today’s prompt on The Daily Post is success, patting someone on the back, being proud of one’s accomplishment.  When my lil’ family went on our extended camping trip a few weeks back, my lil’ guy amazed me, made me proud, accomplished something he didn’t even know he was capable of doing.  He hiked the majority of the Shavano Mountain trail – a gain in elevation from 9,700 feet to 12,200 feet and 4.4 miles EaCh WaY.

Hike up to Shavano MountainWe made it...4.4 miles each way from 9,700 feet elevation to 12, 200 feet elevation!I was one proud, albeit tired, mama.

decompressing at Independence Pass

Once again, my lil’ family headed to the outdoors to “decompress.”  We started our 6 day adventure after celebrating the 4th with neighbor friends.  The first stop was at White Star campground near Twin Lakes, the site where my lil’ guy became a budding environmentalist.  These naturally formed glacial lakes are surrounded by mountains, including Mt. Elbert, at over 14,000 feet elevation.


Since this first destination was also near Independence Pass, one of the highest paved passes in Colorado, we decided to take our first hike here.  Wildflowers were blooming and snow still made it’s presence on some slopes and peaks.

Independence Pass IMG_0837 Independence Pass Independence PassIndependence PassStay tuned for where my lil’ family headed next…

Recharging the soul

Life can catch you up in its vicious cycle called “routine.”  Routine keeps you sane, keeps you grounded, gives you the sense of “being in control”, but can dull your senses, keep you from noticing the small things in life that can make you smile.  When routine causes the latter symptoms, my family always escapes by grabbing our souls and heading to the mountains for a lil’ camping adventure.

Our latest soul recharging camping trip was to Michigan Creek campground which provided us with biking, hiking, fishing, wildflowers, wildlife, and tons of new memories to replay in a loop when routine clouds us.

IMG_0162 IMG_0143 IMG_0135 IMG_0131 Taking a lil' lunch break IMG_0115 IMG_0112 Sweet Bailey IMG_0063 IMG_0022 IMG_0020 What do you do when your soul needs to be recharged?  Have you been on a soul recharging adventure lately?  Sometimes, we need these adventures to make us stop, remind us to pay attention to the little things, and smile.

Lil’ Family Adventure

Memorial Day Weekend, my lil’ family decided to take a scenic drive along mountain roads to a music festival.  We listened to music while rock climbing, playing on rocks near the river, climbing trees, watching kayakers, eating amazing food, throwing sticks to our lab in the river, and marveling at my son who stopped along the way to write everything down in his journal.  We even threw in a little bike riding, shopping, and some ice cream.  After the festival, we found an amazing little campsite and enjoyed a camp fire while gazing at the stars.

We ended up camping near a 200 year old cemetery and visited an old mining town before heading to another small mountain town for lunch, more bike riding, more rock climbing, more kayak watching, more throwing sticks to our lab in the river, all while surrounded by beautiful mountains.

I thought I would share just a few pictures from our amazing two days.  I will most certainly be sharing more.

_MG_2437 _MG_2454 _MG_2489 _MG_2543Did you add some memories to your memory bank this Memorial Day Weekend?  Please share.

Breaking Up with Routine

RoUtInE…I always tell myself that I thrive when my life revolves around routine.  My son was on Spring Break last week, and we enjoyed everything BUT routine.  We broke up with routine and loved it!  I think that you have to be submersed in routine from time to time to appreciate the moments when it doesn’t hold you hostage.  One way we broke with routine was to go to Winter Park skiing for 2 days!

Winter Park, CO

Winter Park, CO

Thursday’s skiing was definitely “spring skiing” with the sun beaming down and the warmth coursing through our bodies.

Loving skiing in CO

Loving skiing in CO

I am fairly new to skiing.  I am sure seeing my skis flailing through the air as I head towards the snow covered ground does not remind anyone of gracefulness.  On one of my falls, this was my view.  So to take it all in, I sat there, took off my gloves, reached for my phone, and clicked the button.  All the while, my hubs and N were waiting on me at the bottom.

Falling in Beauty

Falling in Beauty

Maybe next time, I will invest in one of these.

When the lifts closed on that first day, we rode the cabriolet back to our home for the night, changed out of our winter gear, revisited the cabriolet and landed in a Belgium restaurant in Winter Park Village called Cheeky Monk.

Cheeky Monk

Cheeky Monk

I enjoyed what seemed like a cauldron of mussels and a Blonde Beer.  It was such a nice way to end such a nice day!

Mussels and a Cold Beer

Mussels and a Cold Beer

The next day brought a few snow showers and a few more clouds, but a lot more great memories.  What a treat that my little guy gets to learn to ski at a young age.  Never has my age been so prevalent in my head as when I see him “fearless” flying down the mountain, making quick S turns, skiing through the trees, and making small jumps.  Oh, to be fearless again.  Oh, and the hubs…fearless and an amazing skier. _MG_1718

Contemplating the JUMP

Going for the JUMP

I walked around a portion of that day just taking in the scenery that is not the slopes.

IMG_1768 _MG_1738 _MG_1735 _MG_1733_2

I welcomed the break up with routine.  I look forward to summer break even more!

Do you thrive in routine?  Do you occasionally like to tell routine to take a hike?  What do you like to do when routine is not holding you hostage?  Please share the little things that you enjoy and that make you smile.