PhoneOgraphy Monday // b+w


This simple but powerful word has been saturating my heart lately.  Father’s Day always overflows my heart with love.  Love for my husband whose adventurous, life-loving spirit always encourages me and my son to just live life.  Love for my own father whose kind, generous heart always makes me feel safe.

My heart is so incredibly full of love, but also aches for those friends who have husbands and fathers who are currently battling life-threatening illnesses.  Love can bring about sheer delight but cause such pain.  I love you my husband, my son, my father, my family, my friends.

IphoneOgraphy Challenge: B&W

I enjoy photography.  I enjoy taking photos and admiring and being inspired by other photographers’ work.  I enjoy flexing my creative muscle.  When I discovered the IphoneOgraphy Challenge on Lens and Pens by Sally, I decided to give it a try.  This week’s theme is black and white, so…

You are a REFLECTION OF the company you keep,

Using my iphone 5, I took the photo with the Afterlight App.  Within this app, I changed the photo to B&W using the Ceal filter and added a border.  I then used the Snapseed App to add drama and to change the center focus.

Do you often use your iphone to take photos?  What are your favorite iphone photography apps?  Please share.