Taking A Time Out

I am so guilty of going through the routine of my day and not stopping to do something little that will just make me smile and take me to that happy place.  You see, once I get started on something, I sometimes get too focused.  Usually something will happen that will refresh my memory of the importance of just taking a time out.

Yesterday, a neighbor and I walked back from the school together.  You see, I am fortunate in that we live very close to N’s school, so I get to walk him and his friends to and from school every day.  She invited me to come inside and share breakfast and conversation with her, her 2 year old daughter and another neighbor.  We had some amazing Polish food, bread, and cookies.  But, best of all, we had great conversation, fun, and laughs.  I love getting to know people better.  We sat and sipped hot tea for hours.  Did my housework get done?  Not as much as I had planned, but I did that housework with a smile on my face, dancing along to the music on the radio.  Why is it that we get so focused on the “to do” list in our heads that we forget to stop and just enjoy “time with the girls.”

So, with this idea still fresh on my brain, I called my Mom this morning just to hear about her life and how her day is going.  I really miss my family since moving to Colorado.  Unfortunately, I seem to get so caught up in my day that I go several days without picking up the phone just to chat. I will change this.

With this in mind, I have started an “Entertaining the Girls” board on Pinterest.  I will be adding things to this board that will motivate and remind me to just invite people over for a small gathering and tons of fun.  Wouldn’t you like to sit with the girls and sip this white wine with frozen grapes?

White wine with frozen green grapes

Or bake a quiche to be served with a small salad and some hot tea?

Tea time

Of course, something sweet would always be in order.  If you read my post yesterday, you know how much I adore sugar.

I think you get the idea.  Take a Time Out to invite a friend over for hot tea, coffee, a cold beer, wine with raspberries, mimosas, etc.  Pick up that phone to talk with a family member or friend.  Enjoy that time, laugh alot, and get to know people better through great conversation.

Do you have a go to drink or recipe that you serve when you invite the girls or guys over?  Please share.