My budding environmentalist

My lil’ guy loves to be outdoors.  He is always asking me to go on walks with him to help him find “treasures.”  His collection mostly consists of  rocks of various sizes and sticks.  He takes great pride in his finds.  While camping at White Star campground near Twin Lakes at the foot of Mt. Elbert, we took one of these walks.  Amongst the many tiny pine trees that were stretching their little heads up to the sky, he found one that he declared “the cutest little tree.”  So, he proceeded to collect rocks to gently and strategically place around the tree so as to protect it.  We took this walk for 3 days straight to check on the lil’ tree.  When we left the campground to head on to our next adventure, he asked me to take a photo, so he could remember it forever.

18 thoughts on “My budding environmentalist

  1. Oh my gosh. How absolutely perfect. Mine is now 17 and although he’s still got a sweet heart, I miss these days of open and outright declarations (before the peer group kicked in and he sort of keeps these thoughts to himself). I say “sort of” because sometimes I am lucky enough to catch it on his face–but I NEVER let on I saw it! GRIN GRIN Sooo glad you memorialized it!!!

  2. Great shots Melanee and your son is adorable! Love how he protected the little tree. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

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  5. Lovely pictures Melanee, especially the ones of your son, they are great! Nothing better than a family team that like and enjoy the same activities; God bless your family. By the way,Thanks for your likes and follow.

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