Ms. Eva

When I saw the word for this week’s photo challenge over on A Word in Your Ear, I immediately thought of one photo.  I should say, I thought of one person.  I know her as Ms. Eva.  My mother was placed in a boarding home when she was a child, along with her older sister.  The head of the boarding home, Ms. Eva, was often seen by my mother in her younger years as being unnecessarily strict .  However, as my mother grew older and had children of her own, she respected Ms. Eva more and more and realized her mentor’s main mission in life was to teach children to be able to cope with whatever life might offer and to become happy, fulfilled adults.

Because my mom grew to love Ms. Eva like her own mother, they remained in close contact with each other throughout the years, up until Ms. Eva passed away last year at the age of 99.  I feel fortunate to have had Ms. Eva in my mother’s life so that my mother could pass on her many valuable lessons that I can now pass on to my own son.  The lessons of perseverance, hard work, commitment, responsibility, respect have now been passed down from this wise lady who always had a smile on her face.  I am so thankful that Ms. Eva was an integral part of my mother’s life.  I grew to love Ms. Eva, and my son grew to know and love our visits, as well.

These photos were the last ones taken before she passed away.  Ms. Eva will always be remembered by the many who love her and her lessons will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.  I enjoyed this week’s photo challenge because it allowed me to spend just a few moments celebrating Ms. Eva and her life.

Ms. Eva-mentor to many

Ms. Eva-mentor to many

Do you have a special someone in your life who has taught you many valuable lessons?  Someone who has altered who you are today, whether directly or indirectly?