Daily Prompt: gift for kindred spirits

The Daily Prompt for photographers today on The Daily Post is gift.  This bracelet was given to me by my best friend on my birthday.  She is the kind of friend who understands me, does not judge me, and at the same time is honest with me when giving advice.  She knows my reactions before I even begin to react.  She also purchased one of these bracelets for herself.  Since we live miles apart from one another, it is a way for each of us to feel our kindred spirits.  She is “my person.”

I adore this bracelet.  I have loved wearing it often since receiving it.  But, just a couple of days ago, my best friend gave me some heart wrenching news…her husband has been diagnosed with leukemia.  I took a picture of this bracelet and sent it to her after a phone conversation filled with tears.  I informed her that I would wear this bracelet every day until her husband gets well.

This bracelet is beautiful, given from the heart, daily reminding me of how special this friendship is to me.  Now I wear it in honor of her husband in hopes to give both of them strength, courage, and hope.  In hopes that she will feel my presence even though I am not physically there.  My best friend, “my person”, I love you.

Hair and Crack Talk

Should I get my hair done or buy a weeks worth of groceries?  Women, do you ask yourself this question?  I had this very conversation with myself  last week.  Oh how I enjoy having my “hair did” and having someone else massage shampoo and conditioner through my locks.  Hope the back of the shampoo bottle reads, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.”  And don’t get me started about having someone else more qualified dry and apply a flatiron to my hair.  When I leave, I think I always have more bounce to my step, my shoulders are held a little higher, and my smile radiates a little more.  Here is my before.


Why is it that your hair decides to behave on the day you have an appointment to get it cut?  It must know that I have been unsatisfied with it lately.  Decided to get a few highlights and lowlights and a few inches taken off in prep for warmer weather.  Or did I want shorter hair because I wear a winter hat around CO a lot these days?  Either way, here is my after.


Does this haircut make my cheeks look fatter?  While I am speaking of hair, I have to share a new product that I was brainwashed into trying.  You see, I was subjected to advertising brainwashing when Ulta sent me a free sample of this product with my purchase.  I tried it, and by the time the sample packet was empty, I was typing Ulta into Google and buying a full size bottle.  This product is called Crack.

The air is so dry here in CO that I have to battle major fly aways and dry hair.  But no more!  Now, I am sporting shorter hair and no fly aways.  Sometimes, it is just the little things.

Do you cringe every time you lay down money on your hair?  Do you have a favorite hair product that you cannot do without?  Have you ever been subjected to advertising brainwashing?  Please share.

Rewarding Myself Because…

Do you ever reward yourself just because?  Well, today I did.  My morning started off trying to drag myself  out from under my cozy comforter in a darkened room thanks to this ##### time change.  This was followed by the usual routine of showering, getting N ready for a fun filled day at school with a full belly, packed lunch and snack, warm clothes, and clean teeth.  We had an amazing walk to school with a gentle snow falling around us.   While walking home with a friend and neighbor, I learned that her birthday was Sunday.  So, my brain starts churning.  What would this person enjoy and what little gesture can I do that helps her celebrate her special day, even if I am two days late.  So, after sitting in a doctor’s office watching one pregnant woman come in after another, I had some blood work done.  Now, here is where I decide to reward myself.

I drove to our quaint little bookstore called The Tattered Covered.  I perused the magazine section looking for a gardening magazine for my friend.  She loves flowers and gardening, and I knew she would reward herself by looking at this magazine while sipping a cup of hot tea after her four kiddos are in bed.  Of course, I also flipped through several house decorating magazines, wandered over to the card section to find the perfect Bday card and checked out the kid’s section and business section (I know, a little nerdy).  Well, I had to pass by their Coffee Shop on the way out.  So, I bought this little reward.

My Reward Just Because...

My Reward Just Because…

I first tasted this gem of a drink when we were in Breckinridge this past weekend, as I wrote about here.  So, as I write this post today, I am sipping on this baby, 16oz baby to be exact with a smile on my face.

Before I end this post, I had to share a line of cards that I discovered while touring the bookstore.  They are by Positively Green.  I will let you in on a secret…I am a card hoarder.  I buy cards just because I love the picture or the saying.  This time was no different.  I will share my little craft with these cards in a later post.  Here is the card I chose.

Positively Green Card

Positively Green Card

I miss my friends in NC.  It is a blessing that I have such an amazing neighbor who makes me feel right at home.  Do you have a reward that you give yourself from time to time just because?  What is it?  Please share.