catch and release

In sharing my family’s recent 6 day camping adventure, you read how my lil’ guy became a budding environmentalist and how we decompressed camping at Twin Lakes and hiking along Independence Pass.  We then packed up our camper and headed to Monarch Pass.  The pass crosses the Continental Divide at an altitude of 11,312 feet. For this post, I would like to share photos that capture my lil’ guy being mentored by his father on how to “catch and release.”  Some of these photos were taken on several beaver ponds that were located at Monarch Park where we camped and others were along the Arkansas River.

IMG_0874 IMG_0959 IMG_0922 IMG_0893 Caught one! IMG_0880IMG_1092 Just playing Playing at Monarch Park campground at the beaver ponds Looking at these photos of special moments between my son and husband just make me smile.  Sometimes, it is the little things…

31 thoughts on “catch and release

  1. Micah is a good man and father. We are all proud of him! Striking balance between career and family is tough, and he has mastered it. It’s tough to do.!

  2. These are firstly such phenomenal photos… such clarity and colour, fantastic use of depth of field and altogether very professional photography… as for the subjects, what a lovely reminder or capture of future history, something to look back on with I’m sure love and a smile… wonderful… love this post…

    • Wow…your words are greatly appreciated and will replay in a loop in my mind. Thank you for such kind and encouraging words. I love capturing moments between my lil’ guy and husband. I kid my son often that his entire life is documented through photos.

  3. Melanee, I didn’t realize your husband was such a serious fisherman?! My husband is too, but down here in Florida, it is all salt water. But he constantly talks about missing fishing in the lakes and rivers. These photos are gorgeous. I am NOT showing the hubby☺

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  5. My son loves fishing. He is 9 and it is really cute to see him so serious and excited at the same time. I love reading your blog and seeing all these great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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