Colorado Free Ride Festival

This past weekend, my lil’ family once again headed outdoors to enjoy a camping adventure.  This adventure was a bit out of the norm for us.  Instead of camping by a lake or a river or in a meadow among the mountains, we camped in a parking lot.  Instead of hiking to the top of a mountain or to a waterfall, instead of fly fishing, we rode our bikes.  For 4 days, Winter Park ski resort hosted the Colorado Free Ride festival.  I was in awe of the skill level of these riders.  At what point do you decide that you want to do 360’s in midair and flip upside down?  At what point do you have the courage to try that first one?  I just kept thinking…this is way out of my comfort zone as a cyclist.  I did not take many photos, but thought I would share just a few.

Winter Park Colorado Free Ride FestivalWildflowers were blooming everywhere.  We rode one of the mountain bike trails at the resort and then rode along the greenway with my lil’ guy and one of his friends.  This little flower was growing right along a creek where we decided to stop for a snack.

Winter Park had numerous activities set up for the kids.  One of which was free face painting…

Camping in a parking lot leaves one in need of sleep, but what an amazing weekend we had as a family.  Sometimes, it is the little things.

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