Wall of Art

My N loves to draw.  I love that he loves to draw.  So, to foster this I signed him up for art classes at The Bean and Belle when we were living in NC.  He learned so much.  It was so great how the teacher had them work on a single project for weeks, concentrating on all of the details needed to make the artwork amazing.  Here he is at his first art show with one of his masterpieces:

N's Wild Thing named Hairy

N’s Wild Thing named Hairy

Don’t let the serious look fool you, he was beyond stoked and so proud.  I have always displayed his artwork in various areas throughout the home.  I enjoy looking at them as much as he enjoys making them.  When we moved to CO, I wanted a way to display his art but also be able to change it out easily.  So, one day I saw this picture on a blog that I read, and I posted it to one of my Pinterest boards.

Displaying art

Don’t you just love how clean and simple this looks?  It looked like a great way to hang a lot of different pieces and to interchange it easily.  So, the hubs and I got to work.  Well, I gave him the idea, and he actually did most of the measuring, cutting, and staining.  I did not take pictures of each step in the process.  Sorry, that was pre-blog.  But basically, we measured the wall going up the staircase to determine the length of the boards we needed.  After taking measurements of the boards that would go horizontally and vertically, the hubs cut them.  He then laid them out and stained them with a dark stain.  We have a lot of woodwork in our home, so we wanted to contrast the boards for the art wall with the other wood. After several coats of stain and dry time, we brought the pieces indoors and mounted them to the wall.  I purchased hangers from the trusty old Target at less than $5 for four and Voila!

Here you have it as it looks ToDaY.

N's Art Wall

N’s Art Wall

You will notice his Wild Thing named Hairy is still with us, along with some newer pieces he has created.  I have also added some quotes to the art wall.  If you are not familiar with Katie Daisy (Take a Hike, as seen above), check her out.  I have several of her prints hanging in my home.  I love it, N loves it.  I plan on changing out the quotes as I find ones that “speak” to me or a member of my little family.

So, what do you think?  Do you have one area in your home where you display the kiddo’s art?  Does your kid enjoy drawing?  Does he/she draw anything in particular?

Every time I look up at this wall, I just smile because sometimes it is just the little things.

16 thoughts on “Wall of Art

  1. Amy, thank you. I love your metal strips and magnets. We have some of those, as well. We also have the metal line with clips from Ikea. I think when kids get bigger, their art gets bigger (LOL)

  2. Melanee, I love N’s work!! His Wild Thing named Hairy is fantastic, and I love the owl too. Your way of displaying creations is delightful!!! I would love to put one of N’s pieces in the k’ARTwheels Art Gallery, if he is interested! I would need you to email me a photo, with title, medium and date (optional). Also, what I should list as his name (first and last, or whatever you choose for privacy) and let me know if he wants me to include his age. I believe I have a photo of my daughter standing in front of one of her works with the same EXACT expression on her face 🙂 I can be reached at kdswan@mountainary.com, or through the http://kartwheels.org/ site.
    Cheers and thanks for writing Melanee!

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