Cashmere Banner, Anyone?

I was going to share with you today a tip I use in my home to organize gloves and hats, so we are never searching for them.  Well, never is a strong word.  However, it is a sunny, warm day here in CO, so I had a little “spring fever” running through my veins.  I have been saving the J.Crew Italian Cashmere catalogue for some time now because I was absolutely drawn to the pastel colors.  So, I grabbed that catalogue along with some additional supplies:  scissors, a pencil, letter and shape stencils, thumbtacks, twine, and miniature clips.

Needed supplies

Needed supplies

I had all of these supplies on hand and readily available.  First, I opened the pages of the catalogue and chose the pages that appealed to me.

Aren’t these colors so refreshing and cool?  I then traced the letters onto the backside of the page I wanted to use.  Being careful to flip the stencil, so that when I cut them out, the letter would be correct.  I traced the letters on the backside of the page I wanted so that when I cut the letters out, I would not see my pencil marks.

Trace the letter stencils

Trace the letter stencils

I then proceeded to cut out all of my letters, along with five ovals in the shape of Easter eggs.  I cut the length of twine that I needed and tied each end around a thumbtack.  I then placed the twine above my fireplace where a mantel will eventually sit one day.  Finally, I used my miniature clips to clip the words and egg shapes to the twine.  And voila!

Easter Banner made from a J.Crew catalogue

Easter Banner made from a J.Crew catalogue

Here is a little closer view.

OK.  Not a “knock your socks off” kind of banner, but certainly an inexpensive and quick one that just makes me smile.  Sometimes, it is just the little things.

Do you repurpose catalogues or hang on to one just because of the amazing graphics or layout?  What is your favorite catalogue to get through the mail?  You know, the kind where you grab a cup or glass of your favorite drink and dare anyone to bother you.  Have you started decorating for Easter?  If so, please share some of your simple decorating ideas.

4 thoughts on “Cashmere Banner, Anyone?

  1. Goodness gracious you’re too crafty. Great minds think alike. I’m going to cut out a beautifully painted Indian elephant from the Bergdorf Goodman catalog and frame it for the elephant lover in my family!

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