Last night, we took a short car trip to Urgent Care because…

He was trying to swing back and forth on a bar as far as he could, and he didn’t “stick” the landing.  He landed on his wrist instead of his feet.  Have you or your kiddos ever broken a bone?

On a brighter note, one of N’s art pieces is featured on k’ARTwheels Art Gallery.  It is now displayed on his ArtWall in our home which you can read more about here.

17 thoughts on “broken…

    • @kartwheels, he is feeling great and did wonderfully at school today. I broke my wrist as a child, as well, but not at such a young age. Thank you for your comment and your well wishes.

    • He is doing great. He gets his cast tomorrow. Only has to wear it for 4 weeks, so it will be off just in time for summer break. Thank you for your well wishes.

  1. aww man! poor little bubsh! our little dudes are super active climbers and jumpers and flippers so were bound to have one of those soon enough. in fact im surprised there hasnt been one yet with all the falling off of cars, twisting ankles from tree climbing and beyond. hope he gets well soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about the broken bone. I hope it was not his drawing hand? N’s drawings are lovely, I especially like the creative way you have found to display his works!

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