lil’ changes

Snowing here today, so just enjoying a little time indoors in front of my computer.  Since I am inside today, I decided to take a few photos to share some lil’ changes that have been happenin’ in our lil’ home.

The first change is related to this post titled Before and After.  I mentioned that I would be changing out the two desks for a larger table that could double as a desk to help balance the scale.  It has telescoping legs so we can do “sit down and dine” style or “buffet” style.

Before with two small desks

After with the larger desk/table

What do you think?  I cannot wait to score some modern multi colored chairs to have on hand when we have friends over for dinner.  And, I scored that lamp for $14 on one of Target’s Clearance racks.

The second change is some little updates N has made to our art wall.  He is forever creating.  That is the beauty of this art display; it is “easy peasy” to change out pieces of art.  The Wall of Art was introduced in this post.

The third lil’ change involves the area above our coat rack we made out of water valves that you can check out here.  I simply took the Instagram photos I had printed through Mpix and glued them onto white foam board and played around a little with the arrangement.

Kid's coat rack



And finally, I scored a spring wreath for my front “Hello Door.”

I love this vinyl decal so much that I ordered some numbers for a different project that I am sure I will share with you.  I love making simple changes around the home.  Sometimes, it is the little things.

Have you made some simple changes lately in your house that make it seem more like your home and that make you smile?  Please share.

Hope these lil’ guys survive this round of snow that we are getting here today.  Patiently waiting for spring.

6 thoughts on “lil’ changes

  1. Snow?! It’s 68 degrees and sunny today where I’m at 🙂

    I’m loving these snapshots! I enjoy posts like this that take you a little inside of someone else’s world. I know all about the joys of changing things around the house! I moved into mine a little over 2 years ago and in some areas I’m still working on making things my own. So whenever I add a new throw rug or wall hanging or decorative element, it makes me smile for days!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • @lifeinfocus, Yes, it has been snowing here all day. I know you must be enjoying your 68 degree sunny day. Making a house a home is so much fun and is ever evolving. We just moved in about 9 months ago and I am looking forward to making many more tweaks.

    • @oldpearlyjenkins, Thank you very much. It does not say “goodbye” at the moment but that may be another lil’ change I make. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to leave a comment.

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