Adding to the Memory Bank

What a weekend…It all started on Friday when we picked N up from school early.  For those of you who know me, this was an unusual occurrence.  I think I believe that if N gets out of school early or misses school for anything other than being sick, I am not making good choices as his mother.  But, isn’t adventure, family time, and making memories worth the few hours missed in school?  I think so.

He buckled himself in and we headed to Chipotle to fill our empty stomachs before heading down the road in our fully loaded Tundra .  We wanted to get to the CO mountains before the white stuff interfered with our weekend plans.  You see, it was all about timing.  We wanted the white stuff, and LOTS of it, but we wanted it after we arrived at our lodge.  We stopped along the way at a discount ski ticket shack to get our lift tickets for the following day.  Discount?  Really?

A couple of hours later, we landed on Main Street in Breckinridge.  We checked into the lodge, unloaded our bags, and headed out with our snow boots on meandering down Main Street.  N enjoyed throwing snow balls and collecting huge icicles.

After walking in several shops, and making a few small purchases we ended up at the Breckinridge Brewery and Pub, where I enjoyed an Avalanche with my turkey burger and tater tots.  Back at the hotel, we decided to brave the cold, change into our swimsuits and head to the outdoor hot tub.  Oh, so nice!

Throughout the night, I could hear the roaring sound of the snow plow, so I knew fresh snow was a fallin’.  My heart and mind were racing due to my nervousness and the excitement of what the day would bring.

Fast forward to the next morning.  We woke up with tons of new powder on the ground.  After an amazing breakfast at Columbine Cafe, we grabbed our ski gear and headed to the gondola.  Our lodge was within walking distance.  Oh, how I love convenience.

Snow was pouring from the sky as we put on our skis and headed to the lift.



We had a full, fun-filled day of skiing.  I even perfected my ski lift dismount.  N is fearless, like his Dad, and even tried some jumps.  We were even able to ski down a slope that put us right back in front of our lodge.  Remember what I said about convenience?  After another visit to the hot tub and hot showers, we headed to dinner at The Motherloaded Tavern.

Snowshoeing was in order for the next day.  Here are a few shots.

What an amazing weekend.  Getting away with the family, skiing, snowshoeing, great food, hot tubs in the snow…just makes me smile.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you add memories to your memory bank?   Please drop me a line and let me know.

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