Rewarding Myself Because…

Do you ever reward yourself just because?  Well, today I did.  My morning started off trying to drag myself  out from under my cozy comforter in a darkened room thanks to this ##### time change.  This was followed by the usual routine of showering, getting N ready for a fun filled day at school with a full belly, packed lunch and snack, warm clothes, and clean teeth.  We had an amazing walk to school with a gentle snow falling around us.   While walking home with a friend and neighbor, I learned that her birthday was Sunday.  So, my brain starts churning.  What would this person enjoy and what little gesture can I do that helps her celebrate her special day, even if I am two days late.  So, after sitting in a doctor’s office watching one pregnant woman come in after another, I had some blood work done.  Now, here is where I decide to reward myself.

I drove to our quaint little bookstore called The Tattered Covered.  I perused the magazine section looking for a gardening magazine for my friend.  She loves flowers and gardening, and I knew she would reward herself by looking at this magazine while sipping a cup of hot tea after her four kiddos are in bed.  Of course, I also flipped through several house decorating magazines, wandered over to the card section to find the perfect Bday card and checked out the kid’s section and business section (I know, a little nerdy).  Well, I had to pass by their Coffee Shop on the way out.  So, I bought this little reward.

My Reward Just Because...

My Reward Just Because…

I first tasted this gem of a drink when we were in Breckinridge this past weekend, as I wrote about here.  So, as I write this post today, I am sipping on this baby, 16oz baby to be exact with a smile on my face.

Before I end this post, I had to share a line of cards that I discovered while touring the bookstore.  They are by Positively Green.  I will let you in on a secret…I am a card hoarder.  I buy cards just because I love the picture or the saying.  This time was no different.  I will share my little craft with these cards in a later post.  Here is the card I chose.

Positively Green Card

Positively Green Card

I miss my friends in NC.  It is a blessing that I have such an amazing neighbor who makes me feel right at home.  Do you have a reward that you give yourself from time to time just because?  What is it?  Please share.

4 thoughts on “Rewarding Myself Because…

  1. I started my day the same way! Silly time change. Glad you have a great neighbor! I hope all is well with the doctor too! Oh, and I love a good chai tea latte too!

    • Stephanie, you would think 1 hour would not make such a difference. Maybe it is all in my head. When you visit, we will enjoy good conversation while sipping a chai tea latte. You, my friend, were a great neighbor. Miss you.

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