Hair and Crack Talk

Should I get my hair done or buy a weeks worth of groceries?  Women, do you ask yourself this question?  I had this very conversation with myself  last week.  Oh how I enjoy having my “hair did” and having someone else massage shampoo and conditioner through my locks.  Hope the back of the shampoo bottle reads, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.”  And don’t get me started about having someone else more qualified dry and apply a flatiron to my hair.  When I leave, I think I always have more bounce to my step, my shoulders are held a little higher, and my smile radiates a little more.  Here is my before.


Why is it that your hair decides to behave on the day you have an appointment to get it cut?  It must know that I have been unsatisfied with it lately.  Decided to get a few highlights and lowlights and a few inches taken off in prep for warmer weather.  Or did I want shorter hair because I wear a winter hat around CO a lot these days?  Either way, here is my after.


Does this haircut make my cheeks look fatter?  While I am speaking of hair, I have to share a new product that I was brainwashed into trying.  You see, I was subjected to advertising brainwashing when Ulta sent me a free sample of this product with my purchase.  I tried it, and by the time the sample packet was empty, I was typing Ulta into Google and buying a full size bottle.  This product is called Crack.

The air is so dry here in CO that I have to battle major fly aways and dry hair.  But no more!  Now, I am sporting shorter hair and no fly aways.  Sometimes, it is just the little things.

Do you cringe every time you lay down money on your hair?  Do you have a favorite hair product that you cannot do without?  Have you ever been subjected to advertising brainwashing?  Please share.

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