St. Augustine, FL

One of my photos is featured on the Toemail blog today.  It is a photo of my hubs and N walking along the beach in St. Augustine early one evening.  Grandma and Grandpa live in FL.  When we lived in NC, we would hook up our camper and make a leisurely drive taking a couple of days.  St. Augustine was always one of our favorite places to stop and camp.  I thought I would post that featured photo here today, along with other St. Augustine memories.

2008-12-29 01-37-24 - 0160 2008-12-29 01-37-38 - 0163 2008-12-29 05-02-25 - 0254 2008-12-29 07-47-54 - 0304 2008-12-29 07-57-26 - 0306I hope you get a chance to visit one day.  Do you have a little place that you return to time and time again?  Where is it?  Please share.

4 thoughts on “St. Augustine, FL

  1. Yay! You hit toemail! I have one submitted, too…I also hope to visit St. Augustine one day. It looks beautiful. We like to go to Canon Beach, Oregon or Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are our “happy place” as a couple.

    • @freerangecow, I can’t wait to see your photo submission. Hope you get to visit one and hopefully, I will get to check out your “happy places.”

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