1. An object that can be used to hold or transport something.

I am attracted to and notice containers, vessels, receptacles.  I am usually drawn to the shape, the size, the lines, the curves, the color or a combination thereof.   I will share a few containers in and around my home that just make me smile.  This first one makes me smile because the hubs and N made it.  What bird would not want to eat out of this?

Lego Bird Feeder

This second vessel also houses bird seed and is a new addition to the outdoors.  The birds (and squirrels) seem to love it.  My Canon will definitely be capturing some little birds feasting on the sunflower seeds.

The 3rd one usually sits in my kitchen window.  The yellow band around the top definitely makes me happy.

I bought this owl because I adore owls but also because it reminded me of a special friend.  I just love the contrast between the white container and the colorful pencils it holds.

The next one also now contains pencils.  I preserved the Andy Warhol Campbell’s cans for N to house his pencils, colored pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

Preserved Andy Warhol cans

The 6th one (if you are keeping count) most of you may notice from IKEA.  I love this one for it’s shape, curves, and color.  It usually houses fresh fruit and sits on my kitchen counter.

#7  OK, the next two are my favorite containers that hold beverages.  This first one is one of those mugs you can freeze.  I love to take it camping on the rare occasion when we have electricity.  A nice chilled glass of white wine with frozen raspberries sprinkled on top definitely makes me smile.  This picture was taken in Kansas where we camped one night on our trek from NC to our new home in CO.

The 8th container also holds another one of my favorite beverages…COFFEE!  This photo was taken at a campground in TN on our trek from NC to CO.

The 9th one is hanging in N’s room and houses some of his Lego figures.  It is one of the Old Printers’  Type Cases, and I bought it from an Etsy shop several years ago.

And I may as well add a #10.  I enjoy this one more than N even though he uses it every day.  I love the color combo, the design, and the fact that it came with reusable plastic containers…no plastic bags needed.

Are you drawn to and notice containers, vessels, receptacles?  Do you have a favorite one or two that just make you smile?  Sometimes…it is the little things.

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