St. Augustine, FL

One of my photos is featured on the Toemail blog today.  It is a photo of my hubs and N walking along the beach in St. Augustine early one evening.  Grandma and Grandpa live in FL.  When we lived in NC, we would hook up our camper and make a leisurely drive taking a couple of days.  St. Augustine was always one of our favorite places to stop and camp.  I thought I would post that featured photo here today, along with other St. Augustine memories.

2008-12-29 01-37-24 - 0160 2008-12-29 01-37-38 - 0163 2008-12-29 05-02-25 - 0254 2008-12-29 07-47-54 - 0304 2008-12-29 07-57-26 - 0306I hope you get a chance to visit one day.  Do you have a little place that you return to time and time again?  Where is it?  Please share.