Daily prompt // help

Today’s daily prompt on The Daily Post is help.

My husband is an amazing father.  He has so many tales of adventures that he has had both as a child and as an adult.  He has learned many lessons through these adventures and is always anxious and willing to help his lil’ guy experience some of these same adventures.

He helps him learn how to manage the terrain on a mountain bike ride…

bike riding

helps him learn how to mountain board…

helps him learn how to snow shoe…

snow shoeing, Chicago Lakes

helps him learn how to ski…

skiing, Winter Park

helps him learn how to boulder…


helps him learn how to rock climb…

rock climbing

helps him learn how to catch and release

fly fishing

and this past Labor Day weekend on our camping trip, he helped him learn how to cut firewood…

cutting fire wood

18 thoughts on “Daily prompt // help

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  4. You have a wonderful Husband… I recall oh so many years ago, teaching my son all about the wilds, just never seemed to have enough time to impart everything, but it did start him off on his own journey of self education, much like me, my Dad couldn’t teach me everything but he did give me such a good grounding…

    • I agree… he is pretty special. I am so grateful that my lil’ guy is learning so many things from his dear old dad…Sounds like your son is very fortunate, as well.

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