HaPpY SpRiNg

So, today is the first day of SpRiNg!!  That, along with cleaning out my flower beds yesterday, has my nerve endings pinging for warmer days.  I thought today I would share some images with you that speak “spring.”  Spring makes me anxious for blooming flowers, scurrying animals, hiking and camping,  growing vegetables and herbs, fly fishing, watching nature, grilling out, living outdoors, etc.  I hope you enjoy!

Releasing ladybugs

Releasing ladybugs

Hiking to new destinations

Planting sunflowers and watching wildlife

Just enjoying the outdoors

Spending time on the beach

Finding baby bunnies

Blooming flowers


Lush, green garden

Herbs to use when grilling out

Being outdoors and fly fishing

Hiking with the family


Sipping a glass of wine while enjoying a beautiful campsite

_MG_5563 _MG_5791

Have you started cleaning out your flower beds and making plans to bring them alive again?  Do you plant a garden or grow herbs?  Please share.  All of these things just make me smile because sometimes, it is the little things.

10 thoughts on “HaPpY SpRiNg

  1. What amazingly beautiful photos! I’m in the mood for warmer weather and more time outside and can’t wait for things to heat up around here so I can get out and start digging.


    Mary Beth

  2. What an awesome breath of fresh air…your blog is a real treat. I love all four seasons because where I grew up it was summertime 365 days per year… I live in London now and every transformation into springtime is a miracle that I shall never tire of. If you love fishing then please drop by my site and try one of my patterns this season – tight lines!

    • Amy, thank you. This picture was actually from last year when we lived in NC. Planting here in CO will probably have to wait until May or so. I definitely have plans for some raised beds for vegetables and herbs.

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