Iron City Cemetery

I made mention of camping near a cemetery when my lil’ family went on an adventure over Memorial Day weekend.   I indicated in that post that I would be sharing additional photos.  So, here you go.

The Iron City Cemetery near St. Elmo, Colorado is home to miners who faced death in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s in the Mary Murphy mine either through explosions, collapses, or illnesses.  Some children were laid to rest here after fighting a losing battle with life threatening illnesses.  Some plots are unoccupied and some burials are more recent.  A plaque erected at the entrance lists the deceased along with the cause of death.

_MG_2518 _MG_2520 _MG_2524 _MG_2539 _MG_2541As I walked among the headstones, I marveled at the fences, gates, statues, the beauty of the mountains surrounding this sacred site, and pondered what life must have been like working in the mines and battling illnesses that medical advances have annihilated.  History is fascinating.  May they rest in peace.

Weekly Photo Challenge: escape

This week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post is escape.  This word, for me, conjures up images of engaging in an activity or possibly an adventure that totally submerses you.  You leave the world behind and focus only on the enjoyment at hand.  Your brain is free to take it all in through all 5 senses and to run a continuous loop through your brain of all your stress free moments.  These pictures represent escape to me.

Aunt Sandy's turn.. Micah and Nicklaus checking out the map.What do you do to “escape” the stresses of the day to day?  Do you engage in outdoor activities?  Enjoy a nice meal with a perfectly paired wine?  Submerse yourself in a great read with a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair?  Sometimes, it is the little things…

Garden of the Gods

My lil’ family has visited Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on several occasions.  To say it is breathtaking is an understatement.  You can fill your afternoon with hiking, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, or setting up your tripod for that perfect shot.

_MG_2087 _MG_2095 _MG_2100 _MG_2104 _MG_2105 I hope that you get a chance to visit one day.  Wishing you a happy weekend!