Iron City Cemetery

I made mention of camping near a cemetery when my lil’ family went on an adventure over Memorial Day weekend.   I indicated in that post that I would be sharing additional photos.  So, here you go.

The Iron City Cemetery near St. Elmo, Colorado is home to miners who faced death in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s in the Mary Murphy mine either through explosions, collapses, or illnesses.  Some children were laid to rest here after fighting a losing battle with life threatening illnesses.  Some plots are unoccupied and some burials are more recent.  A plaque erected at the entrance lists the deceased along with the cause of death.

_MG_2518 _MG_2520 _MG_2524 _MG_2539 _MG_2541As I walked among the headstones, I marveled at the fences, gates, statues, the beauty of the mountains surrounding this sacred site, and pondered what life must have been like working in the mines and battling illnesses that medical advances have annihilated.  History is fascinating.  May they rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “Iron City Cemetery

    • The campsite was a few hundred feet away from the cemetery. I think that because it was not “typical”, it made it more interesting. I also really appreciated the history part of it.

  1. Great post. I will have to check out this site when I get home from east coast. Cemeteries are amazing places, the art of headstones, quotes, and dates tell a story. Thanks for another wonderful post.

    • You are so welcome. It was very peaceful nestled in the mountains and such interesting history and art with the different headstones, grave markers, etc.

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