Daily Prompt: gift for kindred spirits

The Daily Prompt for photographers today on The Daily Post is gift.  This bracelet was given to me by my best friend on my birthday.  She is the kind of friend who understands me, does not judge me, and at the same time is honest with me when giving advice.  She knows my reactions before I even begin to react.  She also purchased one of these bracelets for herself.  Since we live miles apart from one another, it is a way for each of us to feel our kindred spirits.  She is “my person.”

I adore this bracelet.  I have loved wearing it often since receiving it.  But, just a couple of days ago, my best friend gave me some heart wrenching news…her husband has been diagnosed with leukemia.  I took a picture of this bracelet and sent it to her after a phone conversation filled with tears.  I informed her that I would wear this bracelet every day until her husband gets well.

This bracelet is beautiful, given from the heart, daily reminding me of how special this friendship is to me.  Now I wear it in honor of her husband in hopes to give both of them strength, courage, and hope.  In hopes that she will feel my presence even though I am not physically there.  My best friend, “my person”, I love you.

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: gift for kindred spirits

  1. What a touching and heart breaking story. Your friend is very lucky to have you, especially during this awful time. If its not too corny: friendship is the best gift of all.

  2. I hate to hear this and I can’t seem to find the right words to say. I’ll be thinking of them and you. Thank you for sharing. Love to all.

    • Of course, I’m glad she has you. My journey over the last 9 months has taught me that friendships are invaluable. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

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  4. Gifts from a friend come with a lifetime guarantee! Thanks for being a special friend to all those along your path. All the best for your friend and her family!

  5. Mel…..my dear friend….wow! I have no words for such a beautiful tribute! You too are ….”my person”. It means so much to me to just know that you are there…….no matter how far away. I love you!
    Now everyone can read your talent and pure sweet heart:)
    Many thanks to everyone……

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