Spring Snow for Spring Break

Friday was the official start to N’s Spring Break.  On that day and throughout the weekend, CO was blanketed with the white stuff.  Our unofficial snow gauge sitting on my back deck registered about 10 inches.  N loves to play in the snow – sledding, making snowballs, skiing, snowboarding, and of course, eating it.

While we were enjoying the outdoors over the weekend, the birds were dancing in the trees tweeting their “Welcome Spring” song.

Our chocolate lab, Bailey, loves to join us for outdoor activities, even if he is not always actively involved.

On Sunday, we decided to recharge our brains by taking a scenic drive to a small town in CO called Nederland.  The drive was absolutely breathtaking.  When we arrived, we decided to stop in at the local Whistler’s Cafe and have a bite to eat.  I enjoyed two cups of their locally roasted coffee and consumed an entire grilled cheese and avocado sandwich on rye.  Well, minus the two bites I shared with N.  Delicious!  I will definitely be whipping up one of these in my own kitchen.

Whistler Cafe in Nederland, CO

Whistler Cafe in Nederland, CO

Of course, the locals were standing around chatting like best friends, and we overheard the waiter tell another patron about the bakery next door.  I love to visit local merchants in small mountain towns.  So, we walked next door and began to slowly make our choices.

New Moon Bakery in Nederland, CO

New Moon Bakery in Nederland, CO

A large cookie with cranberries and walnuts and lemon ended up being my choice.  N, of course, selected the huge chocolate chip cookie which he consumed in about 5 minutes flat leaving a pile of crumbs in his lap.

Here are a couple more photos just for fun

IMG_0772We may have snow on the ground for the start of Spring Break, but we are smiling.  What an amazing weekend.  To top it all off, Grandpa visited us from Florida!  What did you do over the weekend?  Do you always have special plans for Spring Break or just use it as a time to reflect and recharge?

8 thoughts on “Spring Snow for Spring Break

  1. Fun weekend and great photos! I can’t believe how big your “babies” (N and B) are now! They were both actual babies last time I saw them in person!

  2. awesome photos! your pictures are so captivating! they exude such artistic and positive elements. i literally get inspired just from looking at them all. LOVE- you are awesome!
    xo- sincerely, whitney

    • Whitney, Wow, those type of comments can make a girl’s head swim. Thank you very much. I do enjoy taking photos and strive to get better with each one.

  3. Choc chip cookies rule! Your pics are phenomenal – wish the birds could sing their song all the way across the Atlantic… Spring IS coming, all the daffodils and crocuses are doing their best too. Hopefully not long to go now? All the best – M

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