Accessorizing Completed

I love small projects that pack a big punch.  I love them even more if they take very little money from my pocketbook.  For awhile now, I have been admiring a certain cracked glass LED outdoor light on a house at the end of my street.  Oh how that light shines with a nice brightness and cool pattern.  We like it so much that we even approached the owner when he was outdoors one day to ask him where he purchased it.

When the hubs and I went to the local Home Depot this weekend looking for a mini fridge, I found a cracked glass LED light, not just like my neighbors but oh so nice.  In addition, I had recently pinned a certain little garage door makeover from the Garr Den of Love blog.  In my logical way of thinking, I figured if we were changing out the light fixture right beside the garage door, we may as well add some accessories to that said door.  Here is what we purchased.

Hampton Bay Cottrell Collection Wall Mounted Outdoor Aged Bronze LED Powered Lantern

Crown Bolt Traditional Decorative Garage Hardware Kit in Black

I will not go through a step by step for you because the instructions to install the accessories are listed on the Garr Den of Love blog post that you can find here.  As well, the instructions are listed on the back of the package.  I will say that the accessories were on sale for $10 bucks.  Here is our before.



And after a little magic from the hubs, here is our after.



We have plans to add some stone work to both sides of the garage door and add another one of those LED babies to the other side.  What do you think?  I ran outside twice last night just to see that baby shine.  So, we have glammed up our garage door area without spending a fortune on a brand new Carriage style door and I can now lust after my own lighting.

Have you made a small change to the outside of your home that took little time and money?  What “big bang for your buck” projects have you completed?  Please share.  Small projects with little effort and money just make me smile because sometimes, it is the little things.

And before I leave you, this little guy greeted us this weekend.  Are you ready for spring?

Spring, Anyone?

Spring, Anyone?

6 thoughts on “Accessorizing Completed

  1. Makes a wonderful difference! Just love it! I have been doing the same with window boxes…..full force spring is here in Charleston:)

    • Gina, I am lovin’ the new door and light and how little it cost me. The weather is teasing us here in CO. One day is sunny and warm and the next day is snow. So, I have not planted anything yet. What have you planted in Charleston? You should send me a picture of your window boxes.

    • @pommepal I am an organizer freak, as well, and think the same thing. I mentioned this little addition in the blog post, along with the possible addition of some stone work. Thank you!

  2. I’m so glad you found my post useful, and your garage looks great! Isn’t it crazy how a few small changes can make such a big difference?! And oh yes, I am definitely ready for spring 🙂

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