Well, Hello…

I love doing simple things around our house to make it feel more like OUR HOME.  I often get my ideas perusing the web and reading various blogs, magazines I subscribe to, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.  While reading through the  Young House Love book, I discovered my love on page 320 where they put a vinyl decal on their front door.  They decided to put their house number.  However, I opted for something a little different.

Front Door

I purchased the vinyl decal from this Etsy shop.  Don’t pay attention to the fact that I have no wreath currently hanging on my door or the fact that I desperately need to change out that light fixture.  Here is another view from the road.

My "Hello" Door

My “Hello” Door

See how well it shows up even from a distance.  Looking up at that door when I am outdoors playing with my N and his friends, just makes me smile.  The best part…it took a little less than $7 and about 15 mins out of my day.  After all, sometimes it is just the little things…  I hope it makes my visitors smile, as well.

Have you added something to your front door that just makes you smile?  A new paint color or perhaps a new wreath?  Have you used vinyl decals anywhere in your home?  I am thinking of getting number decals for my stairs indoors.  What do you think?

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