honored // Sunshine award

flower with bees

Mona, at 22 Flowers, has nominated my blog for the Sunshine award.  I feel very honored to receive these blogging awards, not for the award itself, but for the knowledge that a talented blogger enjoys my photos and writings.

For this award, I am to answer the following questions…

  • Favorite colour? – at this moment, I am obsessed with mint green
  • Favorite animal? – dog, particularly my chocolate lab
  • Favorite number?  – 3
  • Favorite nonalcoholic drink?  – green tea with honey
  • Favorite alcoholic drink? – a glass of raspberry wine
  • Facebook or Twitter? – facebook
  • Giving or Receiving Gifts? I really enjoy giving gifts more, especially if a “perfect” gift is found for a particular person.

I am to nominate other blogs for this award.  There are so many talented bloggers that I follow; so many photographers who inspire me.  Participate as you wish, but know that I admire your work…


Sincerely, Whitney


Big Ganga Photography