Color Me White

Yesterday, we got snow, and lots of it (at least for this girl from the South).  We got 10 inches to be exact!  N and I were like kids in a candy, chocolate, cupcake, cookie (ok you get it) store.  Our snow day started off with some of our cul-de-sac neighbors building a sled hill for the kiddos.

Sled hill

Fun, fun, and more fun!  We then ventured over to a bigger sled hill with some more neighbors and proceeded to sled for at least 2 hours.  The ends of my hair were frozen by the time we arrived back home.

This Monday morning, the school had a 90 minute delay, so N and I decided to have some playtime before the 10:10 bell rang.  I mostly took pictures.

Snow Angel

Sorry for the picture overload, but wanted to share with my family and friends back home in the South.  N and I both woke up this morning and could not believe that school was just on a 90 minute delay and not completely cancelled.  But, we had time to play before our walk to school, so all is good.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Sitting at my desk and looking out over the snow with the Colorado sun shining bright, coffee in my hand, and snow gear waiting by the fire just makes me smile…