honored // Sunshine award

flower with bees

Mona, at 22 Flowers, has nominated my blog for the Sunshine award.  I feel very honored to receive these blogging awards, not for the award itself, but for the knowledge that a talented blogger enjoys my photos and writings.

For this award, I am to answer the following questions…

  • Favorite colour? – at this moment, I am obsessed with mint green
  • Favorite animal? – dog, particularly my chocolate lab
  • Favorite number?  – 3
  • Favorite nonalcoholic drink?  – green tea with honey
  • Favorite alcoholic drink? – a glass of raspberry wine
  • Facebook or Twitter? – facebook
  • Giving or Receiving Gifts? I really enjoy giving gifts more, especially if a “perfect” gift is found for a particular person.

I am to nominate other blogs for this award.  There are so many talented bloggers that I follow; so many photographers who inspire me.  Participate as you wish, but know that I admire your work…


Sincerely, Whitney


Big Ganga Photography

Life reflected in nature

IMG_2624-imp-impSome prefer to take center stage and stretch their heads up high so as to be recognized or noticed.  Some prefer to hover in the background and simply observe.  Some just stretch their heads straight up content with where they are headed.  Some stretch their heads left or right to see what else the world has to offer.  Some are still full of life and some are not.

Daring Spring

Under the snow blossoms a daring spring. ~Terri Guillemets

I took this photo last spring at my parents’ home in SC.  Do you have signs of the promise of spring in your yard?