Somewhere to hang your hat (or coat)…

I am somewhat addicted to the Young House Love blog.  If you don’t subscribe to this blog, you should.  Sherry and John Petersik take you on their journey as they make their house a home.  What is especially nice is that I can actually do some of the DIYs and a great majority of them fit into my budget.  On occasion, they also do a “home crash” where they visit someone else’s home and allow us to come along.  Via one of these “crashes”, I fell in love with this simple coat rack.

Mudroom coat rack from Richmond Homearama via Young House Love blog

I do not have the luxury of having a “room” for an entrance, but I do have the need for a coat rack.  You see, since moving to Colorado, our house is usually filled with at least one of my son’s friends.  They have a boot tray in which to place their shoes, but coats always end up on the floor by the front door.

So…. I took a trip to the Home Depot and purchased a piece of wood and 3 water valves.  Some may say that I am a little lazier or a little more impatient than the designers who spray painted the valves in the above mudroom.  I call myself lucky because I found some valves that were already red, and they were less than $2 a piece.   I stained my piece of board with some Oak stain to match the existing woodwork in my home.  I then (well, the hubs) screwed the valves onto the board with wood screws and washers.  It then got attached to the wall.  Not as elaborate, but simple and useful.

Kid's coat rack

Kid’s coat rack

Have you been inspired by someone else’s project but made little tweaks to make it your own.  I love projects that are simple, inexpensive, but end up being extremely functional.  Again, sometimes it is just the little things that make me smile.

Stringin’ Some Thread

So, with my love of Pinterest, comes my new love for String Art.  Who would have thought that a graphic, a few nails, and some string could make me smile?  I have seen string art projects on the web done directly onto boards:

Michelle Edgemont for HGTV

and diy’d directly onto walls:

Jen Loves Kev

I love both, but in lieu of Valentine’s Day, I decided to try my hand at doing a simple, string heart on a piece of board.

I started by visiting my local Home Depot and scoring a piece of not-so-expensive wood.  I bought nails (Wire Nails 1.75″) and used string (Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread) that I already owned from Michaels (I used 3 different colors).  On a typical Colorado sunny day, it took 1 hour outdoors to complete this “little” project.  I started by using some leftover grey paint to paint my board (one of the many sample cans I had collected when trying to choose “the perfect” grey paint for my walls).  I then traced a heart onto white paper.  I taped the heart paper to the board, and used a ruler to mark off equal spaces around the outline of the heart.  This would tell me where to place each nail.  I then began to hammer nails into the board at these markings, eyeballing to make sure each nail was hammered in approximately the same distance.  Once all nails were in, I tore the paper off, and began stringing.  No rhyme or reason, just stringin’!

Now my new art heart sits atop my kitchen cabinets, and every time I look up at it, I smile.  It is not perfect, but I am pleased.  I plan on adding more string art to my home or perhaps do smaller ones for gifts.

Heart String Art

Heart String Art

Have you done any simple string art projects?  or have plans to add one to your home?  Do you have something simple that you have made that makes you smile?  Please share because sometimes it’s the little things.