I do not know the scope of being nominated for various blogging awards by fellow bloggers, but it puts a big smile on my face that other talented bloggers enjoy my posts.  I recently was nominated for two different blogging awards.

I would like to thank Delicatedandelion for nominating me for the Shine On Award and Gettingridofboredom for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

For receiving the Shine On Award, I am asked to list 7 things about myself.  So, here goes…

1.  I love to be behind my lens capturing life as I see it.  I am inspired by the many talented, amazing photographers in the blogging world.

2.  I love to be outdoors camping and hiking and biking with my family.

3.  If my house is free of clutter, my brain is free of clutter.  I love organization and purging.

4.  Internet shopping is one of the best conveniences.  I prefer ordering from home and having the goods delivered to my  front door.

5.  The first thing I do in the morning is grab a coffee pod and place it in my Keurig.  Again, I love convenience.

6.  Running rejuvenates my soul.

7.  I often make decisions only after analyzing it from every angle.

For the Super Sweet Blogging Award, I am asked to answer some super sweet questions.  So…

1.  Cookies or Cake? Both? : I am somewhat addicted to sugar.  So, I will eat and enjoy both.

2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?    : I prefer chocolate.

3.  Favorite Sweet Treat?   : Pie.  A la mode, of course.

4.  When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most? :  Every evening while I am watching television.

5.  Sweet Nick Name?:  Often I call my lil’ guy or my husband “sweetie.”

Now, I am to pay-it-forward and recognize bloggers that I admire.  There are so many talented bloggers with thousands of followers. So, I choose to pay-it-forward to those with less followers who deserve to be recognized.

Sincerely, Whitney

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Naveed Dadan Street Photography

If these nominees choose not to participate, please know that I enjoy your blogs and am inspired by your posts.

PhoneOgraphy Monday // b+w


This simple but powerful word has been saturating my heart lately.  Father’s Day always overflows my heart with love.  Love for my husband whose adventurous, life-loving spirit always encourages me and my son to just live life.  Love for my own father whose kind, generous heart always makes me feel safe.

My heart is so incredibly full of love, but also aches for those friends who have husbands and fathers who are currently battling life-threatening illnesses.  Love can bring about sheer delight but cause such pain.  I love you my husband, my son, my father, my family, my friends.